Let your song shine

We offer two kinds of mastering for you. Regular stereo mastering and Stem mastering.

Stem mastering offers our engineer more control over the sound and we are able to make more precision work during the mastering process. The more stems we get from you or your mixing engineer the more control we can get on the finished product.

Regular stereo mastering is what it says. You send us the stereo files from your mixing sessions and we master them accordingly. Regular mastering offers less control of the finished result but takes less time.

We recommend Stem mastering for all our clients to ensure that you get the quality your music deserves.

To book us for mastering please use the contact form below and we will get back to you with our booking policy, availability and all the information you will need to get a professional sounding master. Please state in your message if your are in need of regular mastering or stem mastering