Why Choose TepTee

TepTee Media stands for quality in everything we do. From Producing your album to setting up and designing your web page. Everything we do, we do that for our clients. Not for us. Your sound, vision and integrity is what matters most. Our aim is to be the transparent partner that makes you shine! Your audience should not even know we where here.


Working with Tony in the studio can only be described with the words calm, knowledge and problem solving where needed…

Recording with Tony has taken my performance to a level I would never believe I could achieve…

Tony is a professional, fully dedicated to the music and has help us as a band reach a level I never thought we could achieve when we started the band.

TepTee Media does most of it’s work out of Birchwood Studios, situated in the south east part of Sweden. We have several years of experience in working with musicians and bands, helping them with everything they might need. The last 5 years our head producer and founder has been working full time coaching young musicians and artists in what it means to be an entertainer. Helping them in their song writing, stage performance and producing their music in the studio.

Tony is self taught from the start and got an internship in a swedish recording studio working on analog gear only in the mid 90′ s. From there on he managed to get himself a university diploma in Music production and sound design  back in 2013. He has worked with numerous bands and artists in the studio, on stage, as a FOH mixer, Web designer and coach over the years. Music has always been his number one passion and he believe in making the client be the best they can be. His aim is not to be famous on your behalf but to help you reach your goals by delivering the quality your music deserves!


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Flexible Mixes

We mix for our client. Not for our selves. Your word is our command and the most important part of the mixing process is to make you the best you can be.

Stereo Mastering

Mastering makes all the difference! Before you release your tracks make sure they pack the punch they deserve.

Stem Mastering

With stem mastering we are able to take your mix to the next level before you release it. Stem mastering allows for more control during the mastering process.

Full on production

Experience all the benefits of working with us on your project. If you allow us to go with you from the start we quarantee the result will be the best we can possibly do.

Need those edits?

Need your song shorter for radio play? Need to splice songs for a dance show? Timings off and ran out of studio time? Book us for your editing needs!

Web design

Need a new web page? We are specialized in making web pages for bands, artists and fellow producers. Contact us for consultation and pricing,

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recording, editing, mixing, mastering, re-mastering, re-mixing, web design